original realistic fantasy art

Night  Rendezvous - black cat & crow fantasy

Copyright © 2012 Linda Apple
"Night Visit"
oil on gallery wrapped canvas
16"x 20"

This large painting was a recent commission. The client
really liked my black cat and crow Halloween paintings
and wanted something with the cat, crow and owl in it and
a bit of magical fantasy quality. She lives out
in the country and is very connected to nature and owns a
black cat with green eyes.
This is what I came up with!
It was a really fun painting to do~


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Secrets - fantasy surreal oil painting

Copyright © Linda Apple
oil on 1.5" deep gallery wrapped canvas

When you visit the world of "All Things Possible" you will find out
that there are a lot of secrets. These hidden mysteries are open to
interpretation but the truth can be found when you least expect it.


Lotus Blossom Lane - surreal fantasy landscape

Copyright © 2011 Linda Apple
"Lotus Blossom Lane"
oil on gallery wrapped canvas

On a recent trip to the world of "All Things Possible",I went on a
tour that took me to the edge. There, at the crossroads of
Aloha Boulevard and Lotus Blossom Lane, I found the most amazing
view and was lucky enough to witness someone harvesting the seeds
of the Lotus plants. These seeds are said to help one attain a
new level of spiritual enlightenment.


Black Cat & Mouse - friends

Copyright © 2010 Linda Apple
"Black Cat & Mouse #2"
oil on canvas
12"x 12"

I was commissioned to revisit a painting that I did in 2007.
They wanted a larger painting and I did a few revisions.
It is fun to go back and revisit an earlier image because
it seems like I can always find things I want to do a bit


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Great Dane - Billiards History

Copyright © 2009 Linda Apple
"Mr. Thomas Tudor"
Appletree Hollow
8"x10"-oil on canvas

Mr. Thomas "Tonka" Tudor – 1855 – 1925
Born in England 1855, he immigrated with his parents from England in 1865. His father
was a German trader but it was his Irish mother that stirred his first interest in billiards
with her connection to a wealthy English family.
Thomas’s first job was a janitor in a small establishment that catered to drink and billiards.
He was known to be very intelligent but also extremely clumsy and awkward. So, it came
as quite a surprise that he developed such outstanding skills in billiards.
Although he was only a janitor, he was quick to make friends that listened to his innovative ideas.
At some point, for unknown reasons, during the years of developing his playing skills, he gained
the nickname of “Tonka”.
Eventually, he assisted in developing new table and cushion designs, wrote endless articles


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The Elusive Butterfly

Copyright © 2009 Linda Apple
"The Elusive Butterfly"
Dreamscape series
oil on canvas - 8"x10"

Maybe we just need to have a different way of
viewing life sometimes.
Our desires may be within reach after all.


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Puffaloon Lake

Copyright © 2009 Linda Apple
"Puffaloon Lake"
oil on canvas - 8"x10"
Dreamscape Series

I thought I would start this week with a trip to
Puffaloon Lake for a little summer fun.
Since the sixities, I have created flat collage work that I have
called "Dreamscapes". I always thought they were studies
for future paintings and I used them to practice color, design and
to keep my brain open for new concepts.
All these years have gone by and I never did them into paintings.
Lately, I have been thinking about them and had this little vision
of Puffaloon Lake pop into my head....

Hope you enjoy it!

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Mopsy Twins

Copyright © 2008 Linda Apple
"Mopsy Twins"
original painting is sold
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Appletree Hollow Series

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Millie & Billie Roundbottom: The adopted twins of Fred & Anna Roundbottom.
Millie & Billie's parents had already passed away in a farming accident
when this photo was taken in 1893.
Fred & Anna, prominent residents in the community, were without children
so they were happy to accept the little ones.
They were very good parents who promoted the Santa tradition in their home.
This photo was titled " Millie & Billie waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve".

My question is this: If they are waiting for Santa, why didn't Fred & Anna
tell them that he wouldn't be coming down a chimney with a blazing fire?

Read of the discovery of Appletree Hollow.

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Lady Lenore - The Scandal

Copyright © 2008 Linda Apple
"The Scandalous Lady Lenore"
oil on canvas - 6"x 6"
Appletree Hollow Series

From the Appletree diary records, this is Lady Lenore Velazquez - 1856.
I decided to post this entry, although it is a bit scandalous.


Pink Roses

Copyright © 2008 Linda Apple
"Pink Roses" -available
oil on canvas - 9"x 12"
Collectible Appletree Hollow Series

This is Flora Millicent Shepard, born and raised in Appletree Hollow.
From the time she was very young she loved flowers and seemed to possess the
ultimate "green thumb". She would sneak into Albert Findhome's garden
and prune his shrubbery into animal shapes.
It wasn't until she received first prize at the yearly village festival with an extraordinarily
large stemmed pink rose, that she was given the title of : "ROSEY FLORA" and became
the local floral expert. At the young age of 21 she established the first scientific lab in floral
gene splicing that created some of the most amazing species of roses that we have today.