Missy - the dollmaker  black cat portrait animal art

Copyright © Linda Apple

"The Dolls"
painting on canvas - 8"x 10"
animal portrait

This is an image of "Missy" with some of her favorite dolls.
She started collecting them at a very early age, sometimes
finding old forgotten or broken dolls that she would take
great care to clean and repair.
By the time she reached her adulthood she had become so skilled that
she started the first doll hospital in the village Appletree Hollow.
During her later years she became famous for creating her own
beautiful and charming felt dolls.

All paintings have sides painted black and come ready to hang.
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Winter Olympic Skier - Polar Bear animal art

Copyright © Linda Apple

"Winter Olympics"
painting on canvas - 9"x 12"
animal portrait

Sven was born in the Arctic but he and his family relocated to
Alaska during his early years. Most of his family were expert
swimmers but he preferred the high mountain snow and began
training in ski jumping for the Olympics at an early age.
Although he never won a medal he became known for his skills
and patience in teaching others.

All paintings have sides painted black and come ready to hang.
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Colorado Cowboy coyote animal portrait fantasy

Copyright © Linda Apple
"Coyote Sam" painting on canvas - 8"x 10" animal portrait
I met a lot of interesting characters when I lived in Colorado.Sam is a very skilled cowboy. He lives in a 2500 acre wilderness area high in the Colorado mountains,located near an old gold mining town.
All paintings have sides painted black and come ready to hang.
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SeaDog - Dalmatian dog portrait oil painting

Copyright © 2013 Linda Apple
oil on gallery wrapped canvas

John was born on the coast of England. He fell in love with the sea
at a very young age and spent his life as a seafaring treasure hunter.

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"Bertha's Beach Ball" - snow bird holiday ooak sculpture

Copyright 2012 Linda Apple
"Bertha's Beach Ball"
OOAK art doll
approx.5" high x 4" wide
9" high x 4.75 wide - on Beach Ball

Bertha is definitely a "snow bird". She prefers a warm beach
in the winter. Here she is on her Xmas Holiday with her favorite
beach ball!

I am getting into the mood and dreaming of a sunny Xmas vacation!
Really been having fun creating some new Christmas cheer!!

Bertha is removable from the beach ball and can sit somewhere else.

This is a full hard Sculpture (including the beach ball), painted and sealed with varnish for protection.
Definitely a One of a Kind~
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Party Animals - Dog portrait fantasy painting

Copyright © Linda Apple
"Party Animals"
oil on canvas
8"x 8"

If anyone believes in Fate and or Destiny......Tom does!
It was love at first sight at last years Halloween party.

An original animal narrative on canvas.

All paintings come with sides painted black and ready to hang.

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Swan Lake  fantasy original oil painting

Copyright © 2012 Linda Apple
"Swan Lake"
oil on canvas
8"x 8"

The "real" Swan Lake!

All paintings come with sides painted black and ready to hang.


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Butterfly Dreams - OOAK handmade wall sculpture assemblage

Copyright 2012 Linda Apple
"Butterfly Dreams"
OOAK sculpture art doll
approx.6" high x 4" wide

This little butterfly dreams of sweet smelling roses.

Mixed media wall hanging sculpture.
Antique tin that slides open to reveal pink roses.
Sculptured Paperclay head delicately painted.
Cloth covered wood body and painted wood wings.
Vintage jewelry parts dangle from bottom.

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Bertha's Summer Vacation - ooak fantasy art doll sculpture

Copyright 2012 Linda Apple
"Bertha's Vacation"
OOAK sculpture art doll
Figure is aaprox.7.5 " high

This is Bertha and unlike most of her friends she
likes to spend her winter in the warm summer sun.


Full paperclay sculpture and delicately painted.
All handmade by me, no molds were used.
This is a OOAK collectible.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!
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Symphony of Sounds - Appletree Hollow painting

Copyright © 2011 Linda Apple
"Symphony of Sounds"
oil on gallery wrapped canvas
8"x 10"
An Appletree Hollow painting

May 31, 1862
These are two of the members in the horn section of the
Appletree Hollow Symphony, Terry Thomas and Teresa Lewis.
Both were born and raised in Appletree Hollow. Although they
were from large families, they captured the attention of
the residents at a very early age by recreating the sounds
of nature on small homemade horns.
I am sure there must be other diary entries but all I know,
at this time,is that they started the Appletree Hollow -
"Symphony of Sounds" at the young age of 16.
I hope to find more information in one of the other diary journals.