My Art News and Updates

Below are updates on what's happening with my art. Art shows, magazine and book covers, articles and other news. If you would like to feature my artwork in the media, in a show or have any other ideas related to featuring my work, send me a message.

Here is the T.V.image:
and the original:

  Copyright © 2010 Linda Apple
"Women Artists"

oil on 1.5" deep canvas

My painting was aired this today (April 25th) on CBS Sunday morning art
segment- titled "What's Next" by Martha Teichner. I did the painting for a
challenge with a group on: The
Artist's Challenge Blog.
I was thrilled to see it on the show and I want
to send a big thanks to Jessica and the crew of CBS. It was really fun!

I just received a notice from my client to tell me that the painting I did for her book cover is NOW COMPLETE! You might remember the original painting... so here is the finished cover...with a link to see it on Amazon!
and a link to her site, if you would like to visit.... she is a very cool writer!
click here to see her book
click here to visit her blog - Black Threads-Explorations in African American Quilting, Quilt History, Fabrics and other Fanciful Topics.

There is now a place for those of you on the eastern side
of the U.S. for you to see my art up close!
Evelyn Dunn Gallery
549 South Avenue West
Westfield, N.J. 07090
Call them for info: ph. (908) 232-0412
or Click here to link to their web site

Magazine Article

Today's News FLASH!
Thought you might like to see the article that came out in the
Jan./Feb. - "Cityscene"
Columbus arts, entertainment & style Magazine

December 2008

I am excited to announce a new place for you to find my work.

Terra Gallery
8 East Popular Avenue (arts district)
Columbus, Ohio 43215
614 - 228-4188

Sometimes you may see a link to this great gallery in order to purchase.
They have a really nice place, so check them out!
This is the link to their web site

November 1st (Saturday)was the opening night of my one person show so I wanted to give you an update.
I had a large number of small pieces alongside 10 larger works. I created some large wood panels (that I painted white)to hang on the walls. I then hung groups of the small paintings on the panels. This gave a way to hang groups of subjects together and made them stand out on large bare walls.
The show was very well attended. I always get a bit nervous when I do this sort of thing but once it got going I had a fabulous time. The people came in waves of about 15-20 at a time throughout the evening and some people that attended,I had not seen in many years. In summary, I would say that it was a GREAT success! There was great music, munchies, wonderful conversations and many paintings were sold. If you are one of the people who came by, I want to thank you and if you did not get there Sat. night, I hope you can still stop in to view it this week!

Being in the Halloween Spirit, I thought you might enjoy a few photos of my late relatives who show up on occasion. They are usually a bit befuddled and weird but have good intentions.To check them out:click here

In the news! For those of you who have followed my progress on entering the Blue Moon Beer art contest - They had their event and I won FIRST PLACE! Of course, I am thrilled and wanted to let you all know the results!

Yes, I am primarily a painter but one of the great things I love about art and that has kept me going all these years, is the fact that I can create anything I want. What a power!! lol I have never followed the concept of doing "only one thing" or staying to one medium. I have always loved experimenting with a variety of mediums and at this point, have experienced most of them (in the world of art). So, I guess this is the year for exposure of my art dolls!! Exciting that I got the cover and a great 3 page spread of photos and article in the August Issue. If you want to see the cover,:
click here

I was thrilled to see my World of Appleshire characters and their story published in the Art Doll Quarterly Magazine. For those of you who did not see it, here is a link to the layout:
click here if you are so inclined to know more about the Isle of Appleshire and its inhabitants.