Great Dane - Billiards History

Copyright © 2009 Linda Apple
"Mr. Thomas Tudor"
Appletree Hollow
8"x10"-oil on canvas

Mr. Thomas "Tonka" Tudor – 1855 – 1925
Born in England 1855, he immigrated with his parents from England in 1865. His father
was a German trader but it was his Irish mother that stirred his first interest in billiards
with her connection to a wealthy English family.
Thomas’s first job was a janitor in a small establishment that catered to drink and billiards.
He was known to be very intelligent but also extremely clumsy and awkward. So, it came
as quite a surprise that he developed such outstanding skills in billiards.
Although he was only a janitor, he was quick to make friends that listened to his innovative ideas.
At some point, for unknown reasons, during the years of developing his playing skills, he gained
the nickname of “Tonka”.
Eventually, he assisted in developing new table and cushion designs, wrote endless articles


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