The Four Directions - Native American Gift Cards

The Four Directions - Native American Gift Cards

Copyright © 2008 Linda Apple
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Gift cards - 5"x7"
contemporary figurative

These are beautifully produced cards that you can purchase individually or as a set. They are portraits of native american spirit guides of the directions. The original paintings are sold but you can purchase beautiful blank cards w/ envelopes (singularly or in a special boxed set).
North - Spirit guide of wise counsel; teaches prayer and abundance
South - Spirit guide of animal medicine
East - Spirit guide of growth and introspection
West - Spirit guide of spiritual strength and power

Cards are each 5x7 inches - blank inside
reproduced on full color press on high quality recycled paper.

Individually w/envelope - $3.oo
set of four w/envelopes - $8.oo
boxed set of 12 cards (3 each of 4 different images)w/ envelopes - $25.oo