Twilla June - wood nymph

Twilla June - wood nymph

Copyright © 2008 Linda Apple
"Twilla June"
approx.8 inches high
Isle of Appleshire Series

A long time resident of Korwood Forest, Twilla June is not as she appears to be. Yes, she is a wood nymph but as I found out the day I met her, she is much, much more. As a nymph she is very quick, able to appear from place to place within the blink of an eye and appears to be very young ,her true age is unknown, a bit timid and frivolous. I fear to say more until you meet her in the first adventure.
She is a full sculpted body of Cernit, mohair hair and hand painted eyes. Since wood nymphs are rarely seen by the average person, she wears a little bit of old lace, woven by a very old spider weaver,and a small silk loin cloth. She wears this bare minimum of attire due to the fact that she is a little modest at times.

Read the continuing first adventure on the Isle of Appleshire here.

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