The Proposal

The Proposal

Copyright © 2010 Linda Apple
"The Proposal"
oil on canvas

This was a commission that has a really fun story!
I was approached by a young man who had BIG plans to propose to his sweetheart. These big plans included the idea of having a painting of the way he imagined it would be on that day. He had EVERY detail worked out in his head. It seemed like a big challenge but he was so sweet and it was such a romantic idea that I took it on.
He sent lots of photos of himself and his gal and said it would be on a path at a particular woods, what he would be wearing, what she would be wearing (even the shoes they would wear, how he would propose and make sure a black ring box was in his hand. Now,take into consideration that I had never met the gal and all the photos he sent me were not 3/4 or profile views and NOT in the special blue dress!
The whole time that I was doing the painting I thought, "The best laid plans...etc.???" How was he going to set up this exact scene? How would he get her to wear "that" particular dress? What if she said no?? It all seemed destined to be a comedy of errors.
First:Dad set the scene at the park (hiding behind a tree and trying to keep people from taking the wrapped gift!)second:the couple was late getting home and she wasn't sure she wanted to go to the park.... then she asked his roommate if he wanted to come along....then she didn't want to wear a dress to the park. She got sad because he didn't want to wear the NEW shoes she had bought him,instead of the ones for the scene.....(dad is still hiding). When they finally got on their way to the park, he realized -
How was he going to conceal a large black ring box in a pair of tight jeans??? Solution: hide it in your sock! That seemed to work until they got to the park and he almost lost it when he tried to hurry over to a trash can. At last they arrive at the destination(dad is relieved)....she finds the gift and begins to open it......while continuing to try to turn around to him and he is trying to get behind her to get into his proposal position like the painting! In the distance, dad finally gets to hear her excitement. So, in the end and to put your mind as ease...he did get into position and she accepted! He later told me that it was "just like the painting" !! so, all's well that ends well!:)


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