Art Show - Nov. 1st, 2008

November 1st (Saturday)was the opening night of my one person show so I wanted to give you an update.
I had a large number of small pieces alongside 10 larger works. I created some large wood panels (that I painted white)to hang on the walls. I then hung groups of the small paintings on the panels. This gave a way to hang groups of subjects together and made them stand out on large bare walls.
The show was very well attended. I always get a bit nervous when I do this sort of thing but once it got going I had a fabulous time. The people came in waves of about 15-20 at a time throughout the evening and some people that attended,I had not seen in many years. In summary, I would say that it was a GREAT success! There was great music, munchies, wonderful conversations and many paintings were sold. If you are one of the people who came by, I want to thank you and if you did not get there Sat. night, I hope you can still stop in to view it this week!

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