Howling Wolf Wall Sculpture Art Doll

Copyright © 2011 Linda Apple
"Moonlight Howl"
Approx. 17" high & 5" wide
OOAK wall sculpture

This is a new wall sculpture of mixed media.
We all seem to have a big connection to the moon and it's cycles
and who doesn't need a good howl once in a while?

The body is paperclay and has a bone carved moon inset in the front.
A bundle of sticks come out of the bottom.
Stick arms and sculpted head and hands. There are also metal pieces that
create a necklace.
It is painted with a graduation of night sky blues with tiny stars
at the bottom.

This is a full sculpted piece and is designed to hang on a wall.
Delicately hand painted.



Copyright © 2008 Linda Apple
oil on canvas - 5 x 5.5 feet
contemporary figurative

This is one of four in a series. They are portraits of native american spirit guides of the directions. This is the South- guide of animal medicine. The original four paintings are sold but you can purchase beautiful blank cards w/ envelopes (singularly or in a special boxed set).

Individually w/envelope - $3.oo
set of four w/envelopes - $8.oo
boxed set of 12 cards (3 each of 4 different images)w/ envelopes - $15.oo

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