Little Girl with Chickens - vintage era summer Special #2 oil painting

"When I Was A Little Girl"
oil on gallery wrapped canvas
6"x 6"

She could remember hunting for eggs at Grandmas farm!
(text in painting reads "When I was a little girl")

Mixed media oil painting w/vintage photos
All paintings come with sides painted black, ready to hang!
I decided to do a series of 50 paintings@ $50 each for the summer!!!
#2 of the NEW Summer Series SPECIALS


Red Barn country rural landscape

Copyright © 2013 Linda Apple
"Red Barn"
oil on gallery wrapped canvas
10"x 10"

The old red barn.

I have always been drawn to the old red barns that dot the countryside.
Do you know why they are painted red?
I did some research and actually found many theories. So here's a bit of history today :)
The most popular one theory seems to be:
Early 18th-century bridges and barns went unpainted. However,by the late 1700's, natural wood seasoning gave way to artificial preservation. Virginia farmers were the first to become paint-conscious. Since ready-made paint was not available, a farmer mixed his own. Skimmed milk, lime and ferrous oxide, otherwise known as rust, made a plastic-like coating that hardened quickly and lasted for years. Rust was plentiful on farms and is a poison to many fungi, including mold and moss.


A Bit of Country farm landscape oil painting

Copyright © 2013 Linda Apple
"A Bit of Country"
oil on gallery wrapped canvas
8"x 8"

Here's a sweet little landscape for you.
I have been working on two large landscape commissions,
so I guess it got me in the mood!


Happy Day farm animal sheep lamb landscape

Copyright © 2013 Linda Apple
click on painting for details

"On the Lamb"
oil on canvas - 11"x 14"
animal portrait landscape

Here is a nice larger painting for those who like the cuddly lamb!
For me this painting is seeing life anew and being open to new possibilities!

All paintings have sides painted black and come ready to hang.
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Country Cycling

Copyright © 2013 Linda Apple
"Country Ride"
oil on canvas
10"x 20"

A beautiful day for a ride.

All paintings come with sides painted black and ready to hang.


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Old Barn rural landscape contemporary oil painting

Copyright © 2011 Linda Apple
"Old Barn" - sold
oil on gallery wrapped canvas

Found this old barn just sitting alone on a hillside.
If you were a cow, you would have a fabulous view! :)