The Visitor - potting shed

Copyright © 2009 Linda Apple
"The Potting Shed"

oil on 1.5" deep canvas & painted on sides
Retro Vintage Still Life

It seems as though there is a visitor in the potting shed!
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Galaxy Special

Copyright © 2009 Linda Apple
"Galaxy Special"
oil on 1.5" deep canvas - 9"x12"
Fantasy Still Life Series

Back to the attic with a larger view.
When I was young Old Dutch Cleanser was a big name!
Our fun time was filled with coloring, playing marbles
and cards. The old spin tops were called "Galaxy" and
once in a while you might get a REAL LETTER in the mailbox.


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In the Attic

Copyright © 2009 Linda Apple
"In the Attic"
oil on 1.5" deep canvas - 10"x10"
Fantasy Still Life Series

Herman has found a new friend among the
long forgotten bits n bobs in the attic.