original realism art

Eagle's View - animal realistic bird painting

Copyright by Linda Apple

"Eagle's View"
original acrylic on watercolor paper
image is 9.5 " x 11.5"
paper size : 11″ × 15″

An artistic and highly detailed view of the proud Eagle.


Pensive Moments - Art within Art Musem Series

Copyright © 2011 Linda Apple
"Pensive Moments"
oil on canvas

It's one of those moments when you are present to what you
are REALLY seeing.


Robot Man - vintage toy

Copyright © 2009 Linda Apple
"#5" - the robot man

oil on canvas
Nostalgic Vintage Still Life

Well, the fireworks are over for now -
so, I guess it's back to work!
Don't we all feel a bit like a robot sometimes?

Just can't seem to get enough of my robots these days...
great to have my mind wander on some fun!


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Copyright © 2008 Linda Apple
oil on canvas - 8"x8"
contemporary figurative

"This was two of the young ballet dancers of the Columbus Dance
Theater, who recently performed at the art museum."

This painting is available @:
Evelyn Dunn Gallery
549 South Avenue West
Westfield, N.J. 07090
call them for info: ph. (908) 232-0412
Click here to link to their web site