marriage proposal

The Proposal

Copyright © 2010 Linda Apple
"The Proposal"
oil on canvas

This was a commission that has a really fun story!
I was approached by a young man who had BIG plans to propose to his sweetheart. These big plans included the idea of having a painting of the way he imagined it would be on that day. He had EVERY detail worked out in his head. It seemed like a big challenge but he was so sweet and it was such a romantic idea that I took it on.
He sent lots of photos of himself and his gal and said it would be on a path at a particular woods, what he would be wearing, what she would be wearing (even the shoes they would wear, how he would propose and make sure a black ring box was in his hand. Now,take into consideration that I had never met the gal and all the photos he sent me were not 3/4 or profile views and NOT in the special blue dress!


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