Burger Break - Red, White & Blue figurative oil painting

Copyright © 2012 Linda Apple
"Burger Break"
oil on canvas
6"x 6"

It's a Red, White & Blue day!
Taking a burger break today~

This one is painted on a 1.5" deep canvas and
can be set on a mantle,etc. if you want.
All paintings come with sides painted black and READY to hang!


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Afternoon Reflections - Contemporary City Scene

Copyright © Linda Apple
"Afternoon Reflections"
oil on gallery wrapped canvas

Colorful reflections in the art district of the city.


Potbelly's - Contemporary Figurative

Copyright © 2010 Linda Apple

oil on gallery wrapped canvas

A great little restaurant for that summer business lunch.


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Lunchtime - Little Bird

Copyright © 2009 Linda Apple
"Where'd Everybody Go?"
oil on canvas -6"x6"
animal portrait art

On a bitter cold winter day, this little guy showed
up at the coffee shop for his lunchtime snack.

This painting is available @:
Terra Gallery
8 East Popular Avenue (arts district)
Columbus, Ohio 43215 ph. (614) - 228-4188
They have a really nice place, so check them out!
Click here to link to their web site


Different Agendas

Copyright © 2008 Linda Apple
"Different Agendas"
oil on canvas - 8"x8"
contemporary figurative

"Today was another wonderful spring day. If I go downtown around
lunchtime...this is a typical view I get... The lunchtime rush.
People scurrying around, all with some sort of agenda, hence the
title. Here are two very different individuals that seem to be in
a hurry doing something? going somewhere?
When I do the studies for many of the people scenes I am always
making up a story in my head about's so much fun!"


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