going to work

People on city street figurative urban art

Copyright © 2013 Linda Apple
"Busy City Street"
oil on gallery wrapped canvas
10"x 10"

Whether you are going to work, shopping or just taking a walk
you can become part of the crowd.


Man with Hot Pretzel cart

Copyright © 2009 Linda Apple
"Hot Pretzels"
oil on canvas - 8"x10"

One of our familiar scenes in the city are the food carts
with one of my favorite items - Hot Pretzels!
Caught this young guy pulling his cart to his special corner
to begin his work day.
Many, many years ago I attempted this job. All I remember is that
it was a LOT harder than it looks and.....I didn't last very long :)


Crossing theTracks- People Off to Work

Copyright © 2008 Linda Apple
"Off to Work"
oil on canvas -6"x8"

One lone man breaks the flow of people on their way to
work, as he moves across the old railroad tracks.

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