balanced stones

Earth Gate

Copyright © 2002 Linda Apple

"Keeper of the Earth Gate"
oil on canvas - 4 x 6 feet

This painting was the second Gate Keeper in the series of the stones. The gate is in the background, between the stone cliffs. In this painting the hummingbirds come to life and there is a floating ceremonial bowl.


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Cosmic Gate

Copyright © 1997 Linda Apple

"Keeper of the Cosmic Gate"
oil on canvas - 46 x 56 inches

This Spiritual Intuited painting is the third of the Gate keepers. The Cosmic Gate, where all knowledge of creation is kept. The dolphins hold the ancient information of our planet.
Technical info: All the writing(language that developed through the series) in the book of knowledge (Akashic Records) is written in liquid gold and the triangular open box (atop of rocks on the right) is painted in liquid silver. This was the first time I used actual metallic minerals in a painting. In the proper lighting, they reflect amazing light. The knowledge is accessed through holographic imagery.


Love of Stone

Copyright © 2010 Linda Apple

"The Love of Stone" - Intuited painting
oil on canvas - 3 x 4 feet

The series of the stones. It shows a couple touching as one emerges from the stone.
Creation and connection with the ancients.