antique dolls

Missy - the dollmaker  black cat portrait animal art

Copyright © Linda Apple

"The Dolls"
painting on canvas - 8"x 10"
animal portrait

This is an image of "Missy" with some of her favorite dolls.
She started collecting them at a very early age, sometimes
finding old forgotten or broken dolls that she would take
great care to clean and repair.
By the time she reached her adulthood she had become so skilled that
she started the first doll hospital in the village Appletree Hollow.
During her later years she became famous for creating her own
beautiful and charming felt dolls.

All paintings have sides painted black and come ready to hang.
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Three Babies

Copyright © 2008 Linda Apple
"Three Babies"
oil on canvas - 6"x6"
still life antique object

"Three little antique baby dolls in a wicker basket that I found
at a local flea market."



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