animal art

Family of Chihuahuas - animal art

Copyright © 2011 Linda Apple
"Family Ties"
oil on canvas
8"x 8"

Fun little group -
Three generations of Chihuahuas, makes this a family affair!
Thought about calling this one: Three on a Rope......... :)

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Bee Dazzled - brown bear and bumblebees art doll sculpture

Copyright © 2011 Linda Apple
Approx. 12" high
OOAK Bear sculpture

Here is little Bumble.
As you can see, he is a bit BEE-dazzled.
He is a little bear with a sweet tooth that
often gets him into a bit of trouble!

head hands and feet - paperclay
black glass eyes
cloth stuffed body w/wire armature
cloth is covered with REAL re-cycled fur and is VERY soft
Inside his tummy is a REAL bee comb inside with small handmade
bumblebees and painted sky & tree limbs background.
One bumblebee is flying over his head.
Can be seated and arms (delicately) adjusted.

Completely ALL made by hand and delicately painted
A One of a kind - no molds used

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!
A payment plan can be made available, just email for info.
Will ship worldwide - email for cost to your country

This is a OOAK collectible, not a toy. All parts are handmade unless stated otherwise.


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Black Cat Visions - Halloween

"Cat Visions"
animal art

I have always believed that cats can often see what we
cannot....If you look closely you may see what the cat can see
on Hallows eve.

Here is one of Halloween pieces and it has recently become the
cover of a magazine!! The original oil painting
has sold but sense Halloween is approaching I thought I would
re-post it and let you know that I have large and small high quality
prints available if you are interested. It is $15.oo for a small
and $21.oo for a large.
I think this is definitely one of my favorite Halloween pieces that
I have done.........



Bird in Nest - animal art

Copyright © 2010 Linda Apple
"Lofty Ideas"
6"x 6"-oil on canvas

This little bird had very lofty ideas when it built it's
home inside the big red letter "a".
It sits high above everyone and protected from the weather
on the side of the pharmacy building.


SPROUT and the Rain Forest - ooak fantasy art doll sculpture

"On a Mission"
art doll sculpture ooak
11.5" tall x 7.5" wide

This is SPROUT! She is the little princess of.... "just a little bit"
She is a very strong willed gal. She is sitting on her new friend that
she met in the Rain Forest.

Go here to see more photos and purchase info:

You are getting TWO sculptures in one with this piece.
One: Little Sprout is a special little gal
Approx. 8.5" tall
Head hands and legs are sculpted from paperclay. (Head can be turned)
Pink blouse and jumper
Cotton stuffed body with lace trim
Real mohair hair, especially styled!! :)

Two: Big bird
Approx. 9" tall
Fulled sculpted in paperclay
Very detail painting and sealed with matte varnish to protect it against the elements.
Wears a leather painted (leaf shaped) sign that says "Save the Rain Forest"

Together they definitely make a OOAK treat.
Everything is completely hand made without molds.


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Squirrel Away - realism animal art oil painting

Copyright © 2010 Linda Apple
"Squirrel Away"
6"x8"-oil on canvas

Are you one of those people that stash away your things or
maybe work hard to be prepared? Well, this little guy
is already squirreling away for the winter.

I have a friend in Tasmania who has wild rabbits
running around everywhere and here on the opposite side
of the Ohio....I have squirrels!! :)


As the Crow Flies - mixed media sculpture art doll

"As the Crow Flies"
approx. 11.5" tall

Here is a piece for your need to take a "caw". Take an evening flight with this little crow.
Made from found objects and a bit of my sculpture.

Secured into a painted wood base with a star cut from a dried pod.
The legs and lower body is a branch of walnut.
There is an old wooden ABC block, and antique wooden thread spool, a silverized
antique button, sculpted head and hands and a small gourd hat.

It is definitely a OOAK piece to let your imagination take flight!
It is delicately painted for a night time effect and coated with a matte varnish
to protect it from the elements.
Ready to sit on any desk, shelf or mantel.


If you like the artwork above, I can create a piece similar to it for you,
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Symphony of Sounds - Appletree Hollow painting

Copyright © 2011 Linda Apple
"Symphony of Sounds"
oil on gallery wrapped canvas
8"x 10"
An Appletree Hollow painting

May 31, 1862
These are two of the members in the horn section of the
Appletree Hollow Symphony, Terry Thomas and Teresa Lewis.
Both were born and raised in Appletree Hollow. Although they
were from large families, they captured the attention of
the residents at a very early age by recreating the sounds
of nature on small homemade horns.
I am sure there must be other diary entries but all I know,
at this time,is that they started the Appletree Hollow -
"Symphony of Sounds" at the young age of 16.
I hope to find more information in one of the other diary journals.


Little Pug - original oil painting

Copyright © 2011 Linda Apple
"Little Pug"
original oil painting

This is a sweet little pug........waiting for a home!


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