3D art

Human Body Handcarved Book Sculpture - carved book art ooak original

Copyright © Linda Apple

"Human Body"
8" x 11"x 1" Book Art
Definitely a unique ONE OF A KIND 3D work of art!

Colorful images and diagrams fill this book about the human body.
First it is sealed shut and then, using delicate knives,scissors, and tweezers,
I carve into into the book, one page at a time, to reveal its hidden treasures.
Nothing is moved from its original location in the book. It takes a lot of time, patience and a steady hand but the end result is a detailed 3D view of the inside and "new" life to an old outdated and unwanted book.
A clear sturdy acrylic panel is placed under the front cover to protect it from the elements. There is a notched hanger on the back so it can be hung on the wall or placed in a small book stand.


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