Viewing  Somali

Copyright © 2007 Linda Apple

"Viewing Somali"
Oil on canvas - 8"x 8"
Art Museum Series

I went to the Art Museum to see an exhibit titled -"Stories of Somali
Diaspora": Photographs by Abdi Roble. An amazing collection of photos.
These women were just two out of many that were very moved by the power
of these photos.


"The Hunters"

Copyright © 2008 Linda Apple

"The Hunters" oil on canvas- 6"x 8"

Appletree Hollow series

#3 Willard & Bert (from left to right) Willard was known to be very bashful and so loved nature that he never managed to shoot any other living creature. It was also stated that he desperately tried to start one of the first vegetarian movements but with very little success. Bert on the other hand was a very forceful young man who, by the age of 41, became a high ranking soldier in the 8th Brown Bear regiment of 1834.


"Easter Memories"

Copyright © 2008 Linda Apple
"Easter Memories" oil on canvas - 6"x 8"
Appletree Hollow Series

#2 -Gertrude Ginney, Bertha Snell & Penelope Peck(from left to right)
There are quite a few references to these three later in the diary but I will say now that Gertrude, being very creative, managed to run a small millinery shop, where she eventually produced a line of hats for the soldiers in 1834.
Bertha, who was known for her snooty attitude, ended up running a brothel and spent 6 years in a coop. And Penelope, was one of the sisters of Maggie Peck. Other than a note about her being very shy, she had 10 children.

Read the entire Appletree Hollow story here.


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