rabbit fur bunny ears

Hyden Peake - easter bunny

Copyright © 2008 Linda Apple
"Hyden Peake"
approx.8 inches high
Isle of Appleshire Series

Hyden Peake is really a young little elf. Although she is young she already created a job position in the village. She decided that she wanted to be the Easter Bunny. This occurred because she loves bunnies so much that she made a suit of ears and tail but she is so obsessed about it that she wears it year round. In fact, she thinks that, when she is in costume, she actually becomes a rabbit. She has a very persistent attitude about this and is working to make Easter be an everyday job.
Exposed parts are prosculpt clay with a soft stuffed body. She is wearing her favorite outfit of white knit pants, pink knit jacket and of course her rabbit fur ears and tail. She has beautiful blond mohair hair and very detailed big bare feet, because she hates shoes.

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