mixed media art sculpture

Woman with birds mixed media sculpture art doll

Copyright © Linda Apple
"Natural Friends"
mixed media sculpture - 15" tall x 10"

This is "Twig". A lot of happiness comes with
having a group of bluebirds as friends.
Sculpted head, hands,feet & birds.
Walnut tree branches for legs & arms.
Tiny dried pine cone button on vest and Leather shoes
Stuffed body of Cotton cloth.

This is definitely a One of a Kind!
All sculpted parts are delicately painted,
sealed with matte varnish.

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ANGEL ooak assemblage wall sculpture

Copyright 2013 Linda Apple
OOAK art doll
approx.9" long x 3" wide

This is Ruby the geared up angel.
A very special little gal to hang on your wall.
A unique one of a kind sculpture that is made from
objects that I found while metal detecting. Old bits and bobs that
have been in the ground for many years. Recycling the past!
The head is hand sculpted from paperclay with no molds used.
Hand painted with fine detail and varnished for protection.

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Howling Wolf Wall Sculpture Art Doll

Copyright © 2011 Linda Apple
"Moonlight Howl"
Approx. 17" high & 5" wide
OOAK wall sculpture

This is a new wall sculpture of mixed media.
We all seem to have a big connection to the moon and it's cycles
and who doesn't need a good howl once in a while?

The body is paperclay and has a bone carved moon inset in the front.
A bundle of sticks come out of the bottom.
Stick arms and sculpted head and hands. There are also metal pieces that
create a necklace.
It is painted with a graduation of night sky blues with tiny stars
at the bottom.

This is a full sculpted piece and is designed to hang on a wall.
Delicately hand painted.


"B" is for Bunny

Copyright © 2008 Linda Apple
"B" is for Bunny"
approx. 8.5 inches high
Weird Family Series

We all have a few "Skeletons" in the closet. Well, mine are not really skeletons but they are certainly in the strange and weird category.
This is Betty. She always comes around at this time of the year. She loved Halloween and bunnies! She is one of those people that is sooooo homely she's cute, I guess she kind of grows on you.

Betty is mixed media. She has a gourd body, striped cloth clothes. Aves apoxey head, arms, hands and "bunny slippers". Stick legs, sculpture mesh ears & gauze costume with waxed thread hair. She carries a wooden "B" building block.


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