green shoes

Margaret Noteworthy - records keeper

Copyright © 2008 Linda Apple
"Margaret Noteworthy"
approx.9.5 inches high
Isle of Appleshire Series

Margaret is the village records keeper. At her ripe ol'age of 395 yrs, she is the one to ask if you want to know about anyone. She keeps all the records, including the census, village news, supplies and repairs. She is very sweet but
everybody knows she is also a bit of a "nipper" (keeps a good bottle of her favorite booze, under her desk)so, .
Her head, extremities and her leaf shoes with buttons are prosculpt clay with a soft stuffed body. She has a pink linen top and colorful knit socks and flowered cotton skirt. She sits on a gourd chair behind a wood desk that holds all of her work items. There is a little hard bound book, ink well, a list of supplies and a list of repairs.

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