Tommy Twig - English Nutter

Copyright © 2010 Linda Apple
"Tommy Twig"
approx.4 inches high
Isle of Appleshire Series

Tommy is now a resident of Korwood Forest and although his family, like many of his species, are very social, they are known to travel long distances to visit others who live in heavily treed areas on the island. He is an English Nutter and, as you might not be knowledgeable about these little beings, I will fill you in on a little of what I know. When they are born, they are so tiny that they fit into half of a nut shell. In fact before they are born, the parents MUST have their shell prepared. They spend there time in the shell until they are big enough to wear it on their backs. This is to protect a large hump that holds their magical powers. They live in the hollows of trees which are often decorated with shiny objects that they find irresistible.


Twilla June - wood nymph

Copyright © 2008 Linda Apple
"Twilla June"
approx.8 inches high
Isle of Appleshire Series

A long time resident of Korwood Forest, Twilla June is not as she appears to be. Yes, she is a wood nymph but as I found out the day I met her, she is much, much more. As a nymph she is very quick, able to appear from place to place within the blink of an eye and appears to be very young ,her true age is unknown, a bit timid and frivolous. I fear to say more until you meet her in the first adventure.
She is a full sculpted body of Cernit, mohair hair and hand painted eyes. Since wood nymphs are rarely seen by the average person, she wears a little bit of old lace, woven by a very old spider weaver,and a small silk loin cloth. She wears this bare minimum of attire due to the fact that she is a little modest at times.

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