fantasy sculpture

Wired for Sound - mixed media little girl art doll ooak

Copyright 2012 Linda Apple

"Wired for Sound"
OOAK mixed media art doll
9" long

This little gal is Beatrice and like many of us, seems to
have those good and bad hair days.
Some days she is a bit hyper and her hair seems to respond.

You can pose her hair to correspond to your mood!
She can hang on the wall or sit in a special place
Sculpted head, arms and legs(delicately painted and sealed from the elements)
She has a soft body and her arms can be carefully posed.
Small electronic piece for her necklace.

Like us, she is definitely a OOAK.
All handmade no molds

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!
This is a OOAK collectible, not a toy. All parts are handmade unless stated otherwise.

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SPROUT and the Rain Forest - ooak fantasy art doll sculpture

"On a Mission"
art doll sculpture ooak
11.5" tall x 7.5" wide

This is SPROUT! She is the little princess of.... "just a little bit"
She is a very strong willed gal. She is sitting on her new friend that
she met in the Rain Forest.

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You are getting TWO sculptures in one with this piece.
One: Little Sprout is a special little gal
Approx. 8.5" tall
Head hands and legs are sculpted from paperclay. (Head can be turned)
Pink blouse and jumper
Cotton stuffed body with lace trim
Real mohair hair, especially styled!! :)

Two: Big bird
Approx. 9" tall
Fulled sculpted in paperclay
Very detail painting and sealed with matte varnish to protect it against the elements.
Wears a leather painted (leaf shaped) sign that says "Save the Rain Forest"

Together they definitely make a OOAK treat.
Everything is completely hand made without molds.


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Horse of a Different Color - Seahorse and Figure Sculpture

"Horse of a Different Color"- SOLD
OOAK mixed media sculpture
13" high x 7.5" wide

This is Lily and her seahorse Silvia.
As you can tell, she LOVES her seahorse!

Sculpted head,arms & legs (paperclay)
Soft cloth stuffed body
Mohair hair
Sculpted paperclay seahorse
Seahorse is attached to wood base with seashells
All handmade, no molds and delicately painted

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Gone with the Wind - whimsical mixed media sculpture fantasy

"Gone with the Wind"
OOAK mixed media sculpture
14" high x 10.5" wide

This is Deedle rushing to the catch his next flight.
His suitcase is bursting open(as he is not very good at packing)
but he did remember to wear his special
whirlygig beanie to take advantage of the gusty winds.

Sculpted head,arms & legs (hand painted)
Tailored linen pants; cotton buttoned front, lined jacket
All leather suitcase
Leather Beanie with wooden whirlygig that spins.
Stands on wooden base
All handmade


Wiber & Friend - OOAK rabbit fantasy sculpture

Copyright © 2011 Linda Apple
"Wiber & Friend"
Approx. 11" high x 5.5" wide
OOAK Fantasy sculpture

Here is little Wilber with his new best friend,Emily.
Wilber rescued the baby chick at the nearby farm
of Phineas Butterbee after seeing him take the chicks
mother away. They quickly became fast friends.

rabbit head hands and feet - paperclay
cloth stuffed body w/wire armature
cotton shirt
linen pants
whiskers - brush hairs
baby chick - needle felted mohair
all hand sewn and painted


A Little Bird Told Me - fantasy mixed media sculpture

"A Little Bird Told Me"
OOAK sculpture
Approx. 8.5" tall

Do you know the secret? Open the little doors
to see the hidden clues. The is my latest one of a kind handmade sculpture. No molds used.
I love using natural found things in my work.

Gourd body with hand sculptured head,hands and little
blue bird of happiness. Cloth over clay head.
Twig arms. Hand painted leaves and vine decorate
the front and around the bottom.Cut strands of natural
jute are individually inserted into the head to create
the hair.
Little doors open up and inside holds some moss and
an antique silver heart & bow pendant.
Piece is signed on a solid bottom, covered with bark paper.

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Nightrider - light & power worker

Copyright © 2008 Linda Apple
Click on Image for larger view
approx. 11 inches high -20.5 inches w/ base -13 inches wide
Isle of Appleshire Series

The is a "Nightrider", one who works for the village power company. They are the caretakers of the fireflies that are placed into the street lamps and the tall "claw-horns", the night creatures that they ride. These creatures,also known as "leaf eaters" are very gentle as long as they only come out at night. Their large eyes allow them to see the smallest detail in the dark but daylight is very painful. Their long legs enable them to eat the top, most tender, tree shoots and gives the rider the needed height to reach to the top of lamp posts.


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Walley - ferryman

Copyright © 2008 Linda Apple
"Walley the bog man"
approx. 7.5 inches high - 11 inches with base
Isle of Appleshire Series

This was in the Summer 2008 issue of Art Doll Quarterly magazine with article of "The World of Appleshire".


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Witch Hazel - wicked witch

Copyright © 2008 Linda Apple
"Witch Hazel "
approx. 13 inches high w/stand - 19 inches long
Isle of Appleshire Series

No matter what island or world we go to, there always seems to be a wicked witch and Appleshire is no exception. Hazel is the wicked witch of the south. A gal with a nasty attitude, at least most of the time and she doesn't like dogs very much either, as you can tell by the little toto dog dangling at the end of her rope. On this particular day she lost one of her favorite brooms while she was visiting Mirror Lake. She got so mad that when she noticed a nearby Flamingo she morphed it into a new broom that she admits that it is becoming one of her favorites.


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