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Appletree Hollow Story

Lady Lenore - The Scandal

Copyright © 2008 Linda Apple
"The Scandalous Lady Lenore"
oil on canvas - 6"x 6"
Appletree Hollow Series

From the Appletree diary records, this is Lady Lenore Velazquez - 1856.
I decided to post this entry, although it is a bit scandalous.
It was noted that Lady Lenore was from noble birth. Her father was a big plantation owner and government official in Mexico. How she came to live at Appletree Hollow is somewhat of a mystery but was hinted that she was sent there after her father was accused of being a spy. For some years, she was considered a fine young lady, giving fancy dinner parties and attending social events but as time went on her life became immersed in suspicion and inquiry. Some said that one of the first things that brought notice was, although she was pursued by some attentive bachelors, she never responded to their requests and gave them little notice. More questions arose when she would not receive guests or not be seen for long periods of time and in those days, not to marry was enough to generate a buzz,until suddenly on the morning of 1862, the village was notified that she would not be returning and her house was for sale.
At this point my interest was peaked and I had to go to the last entry I could find about Lady Lenore and this is what I found:
Evidently, she was working as a double agent for the army. This was uncovered after her death, when she was found on the battlefield at Shiloh. She had secretly fought at Manassas/BullRun, Ball’s Bluff, and Shiloh in the disguise of Lieutenant Harry L. Bennington.

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Sweet Pete

Copyright © 2009 Linda Apple
"Sweet Pete"
11"x14"-oil on canvas
Appletree Hollow

Through the years of Appletree Hollow history, few residents became
as well liked as Peter M.Cakenhafer. Like many others in the village
his parents were immigrants from Germany & England. He was born in New York,
trapped in an immigration camp until his parents passed away.
He was rescued by a lovely young woman who moved to Ohio hills where
he eventually found Appletree Hollow and became a permanent resident.
Perhaps he was inspired by his love of good food or his need to help
others that he found success in 1908 by creating hard cake treats to sustain
sailors on long journeys. This idea eventually developed into a
specialty biscuit, shaped like a bone.
He loved holidays and would often dress up for Halloween, handing out
his biscuit treats to everyone, which earned him the nickname of
"Sweet Pete". Because of his just and fair treatment to others, in
his later years, he became a negotiator,settling any disputes that
arose in the village.

This was a commissioned piece by one of my clever subscribers who
loves the Appletree Hollow people and saw her loving 4-legged
friend as an old gentleman, with a monocle. One of his quirks is
that every night, at exactly 10:oo p.m. no matter what, he awakes
for his milk-bone treat!